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I am a Highly Compassionate Transformation Coach and Personal Branding Expert

With over two decades of global HR career in executive roles with Fortune 100 companies such as GSK, Citi, Unilever, ABN AMRO, and Pepsico, spanning three continents.

But my journey hasn’t been easy…

You see, courage and resilience have been, and always will be, the core of my professional and personal development. I started from the bottom as a customer service representative in a bank, but I did everything in my power to become a little better each day and eventually achieved the Senior VP role with one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world.

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Key Accounts – Sales FMCG

This entire coaching journey with you was an enriching experience. I learnt about my mental blocks and limitations that hamper my progress. You also taught me how to deal with difficult situations and remain positive under difficult circumstances. I also realized the importance of playing on my strengths and how to tactfully handle complex situations. Have been to several coaching platforms but this one was extremely fruitful. I feel at this stage of my age and career, I needed a more thoughtful and personalized coaching plan. Thank you for being there

Key Accounts - Sales FMCG

I am happy to share my experience working with Fariha as my career coach for the past six months. Fariha’s guidance and expertise have been very helpful in steering me toward the right career track. Through our many meetings, Fariha exhibited a deep understanding of my goals, strengths, and aspirations, providing personalized advice and constructive feedback. Fariha has a passion for helping others succeed, combined with her wealth of knowledge in career development, makes her an outstanding coach. I am immensely grateful for the impact she has had on my career trajectory, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a dedicated and insightful career coach.

Head of Trade Marketing

I highly recommend Fariha as a professional career and life coach. Her insightful guidance and strategic approach have been invaluable in helping me navigate challenges and achieve my goals. Fariha’s dedication, empathy, and expertise make her an exceptional coach who truly cares about her clients’ success.

Head of Trade Marketing
Head of Learning UBL

Wonderful session arranged by PSTD – Pakistan Society for Training and Development and facilitated by Fariha Salahuddin (She/ Her) on women empowerment. Thanks for all your support !!!

Head of Learning UBL

A super Insightful Session with Ms. Fariha, a renowned transformation coach & image consultant for India-Dubai Queen Show. Our amazing models had a great time learning lesser known tips from her experience. After all fashion and wisdom go hand in hand!💯

Participant 4

Had the pleasure of learning personal branding elements from Farihas (She/ Her). such an important area to cover at all workplaces as it equips leaders/ managers with the right skills to manage communication in all respects.

especially liked how the learning began by exploring inner self before moving onto the visual impact and the power of communication

Participant 3

Just finished an incredible training on “Lead with Impact” and it has been a wonderful experience 🌟

In today’s dynamic world, effective leadership is all about adaptability, and this training equipped me with a diverse set of tools to lead teams with various backgrounds and skills.

💡 One key takeaway was learning how to manage and lead teams comprised of individuals with diverse trades, talents, and generations. Embracing these contrasts in personalities and leveraging them is not only crucial but also incredibly rewarding.

🤝 It’s about realizing that leadership is not a one-size-fits-all approach or walk in the park; it’s about harnessing the unique strengths of each team member, regardless of their age or background, to drive success at a broader scale. This training has taught me how to do just that.

🙌 I’m excited to implement these new tools and strategies in my role to drive growth and nurture an inclusive, high-performing team, where the wisdom of experienced colleagues and the fresh perspectives of younger team members complement each other.

Thank you Fariha Salahuddin (She/ Her) for the training & valuable insights.

Participant 2

Despite being a one-day training, the ‘Lead with Impact’ program has proven to be an instrumental stepping stone in my leadership journey. Thanks to the expert guidance of Fariha Salahuddin and the comprehensive content covered, I have gained invaluable insights that are directly applicable to my role as a leader. This intensive training has equipped me with practical tools and strategies that I can readily implement to drive positive change within my professional sphere. Many thanks to Farwa Aamir Naqvi for arranging this training.

Participant 1

Reflecting on “Lead with Impact” Training

Recently, I undertook a transformative “Lead with Impact” training program led by Fariha Salahuddin (She/ Her). It covered essential leadership elements, including:

🗣️ Communication: The art of clear and impactful communication. I’ve learned thru experience in Project Management as well that clear communication, coupled with active listening, can foster collaboration, and ignite positive change within a team.

🌆 Gravitas: Exuding confidence, credibility, and presence.

🧩 Understanding Personality Types: Leveraging diversity for team success.

Eager to apply these lessons in my professional career further to drive positive change and inspire others. 💪🚀

Country HR Business Partner

I am sincerely grateful for the invaluable guidance and mentorship provided by Fariha Salahuddin (She/ Her) throughout the past six months in the transformational leadership program. Your support has been instrumental in my growth, helping me not only expand my professional knowledge but also gain profound insights into my career aspirations. Under your tutelage, I’ve developed a clear understanding of how a true leader should think and act. Your mentorship has been a catalyst for my personal and professional development. I want to express my deepest appreciation for your dedication, and I am confident that the skills and perspectives cultivated under your guidance will significantly contribute to my future leadership journey. Thank you for being an inspiring mentor and empowering me to envision and achieve greater heights in my career.

Country HR Business Partner
Regional Executive Director, Commercial Bank

Fariha is an HR expert in personal branding and an excellent transformational coach who really helps in developing your inner core into an ideal self. I had an opportunity of attending her training which gave me clarity on what need to be achieved and how to look forward to achieve the desired goal. Her expertise on leadership development and transformational coaching is really extraordinary. Thank you for the great training

Regional Executive Director, Commercial Bank
Head of Operations

Fariha is a Fortune 500-level coach and personal development expert who supported me during a career transition. As a high-performing individual, opportunities need to be crafted, and thanks to Farihas holistic approach it helped me envision a future career and life with a happy and positive life in mind. Fariha helped me create a new pathway at a challenging moment. I Appreciate Fariha, and her expertise, and highly recommend her as a personal executive coach.

Head of Operations
Area Finance Director

Fariha has contributed to my leadership development by bringing out what is authentic for me and what people could see and feel for themselves. Her advice and thoughtful manner is always spot on and she just “gets it”. I have enjoyed working with her and will continue to do so!!

Area Finance Director
Testimonial Commercial Lead 1

Hi Fariha,

It was a pleasure speaking with you. The way you touched upon various elements and linked them with the bigger goal was very interesting. Also, the detailed personality chart and effective ways to overcome obstacles and adversity at different levels were something new to me.

Thanks for your time and effort.

Commercial Lead
Testimonial Global Marketing Director

Fariha is an exceptional coach and an HR leader who has personally helped me a lot as I transitioned to a global role. She enlightened me on the nuances of leadership and how to work in a multicultural environment and also made me realize my blind spots in the journey. She has very high empathy, and when she is trying to help- she digs at the roots instead of just hacking the leaves. She is the best coach I have worked with, and her insightful, nuanced and practical advice has helped me become a better version of myself.

Global Marketing Director
Testimonial Banker – Regional Head

I recently had the opportunity to attend a really enlightening professional coaching session with Fariha. Her structured approach, empathetic listening skills, and clarity of thought are traits I found quite commendable. As this was my first session with a qualified coach, I am glad it was with a professional like Fariha, who had an illustrious Corporate Career in HR backed by sound credentials.

Banker - Regional Head
Testimonial Dental Hygienist

I’ve had Fariha have a coach for some time, and she was great at helping me work through blocks getting in my way and getting me toward those goals I had been trying to achieve. I recommend her to anyone interested in having some coaching.

Dental Hygienist
Testimonial Entrepreneur/Ex Banker

I was referred to Fariha by a friend for a life/leadership coaching session. I was skeptical about the whole utility of life coaching as such. However, after a few sessions with her, I’m an absolute believer in the efficacy and utility of such coaching sessions. 

Fariha, in a few sessions, not only managed to help me identify core issues & pain points that I’ve been troubling me for yrs but also enabled me to self-prescribe ways to manage and make progress in the resolution of those issues. 

Fariha has exceptional abilities to make people comfortable around her. She connects almost instantly & effortlessly with people on a deeper emotional level; thus, she’s able to get to the core & even complex issues reasonably quickly. 

Strongly recommend having sessions with her to iron out life issues that somehow are almost too overwhelming to handle on our own.

Entrepreneur/Ex Banker
Testimonials Senior Manager/High Potential working for a large conglomerate

I am delighted to get a chance to meet you; thanks to Arshia and her team for this.

Not every day you get a chance to meet with someone who resonates with the same energy and values as you. We connected well, and I have no idea where the 90 minutes of our discussion went. I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to understand my challenges and your desire to help me further despite the time limitation.

During our discussion, you really helped declutter my mind, which I’d very much needed, and by the end of our conversation, I was only further motivated to pursue my interests. What I liked the most was your acknowledgment of my challenges and encouragement. I left the room with the conclusion that I will only go the extra mile which is needed for my own growth regardless of other factors.

I wish to stay connected with you.

Senior Manager/High Potential working for a large conglomerate
Testimonails Senior Manager/High Potential working for a large conglomerate

It was a beneficial and unique intervention. The session stretched over the scheduled time by almost 45 mins, and Fariha ensured that we could comfortably complete our conversation.


Confidentiality of the session helped me be candid in the setting.

Fariha made sure I openly shared my ultimate ambitions, and we collectively derived the attributes needed to achieve them. Moreover, received guidance on how to acquire and exhibit the identified skills/attributes.

Fariha guided me on the spectrum of energy levels that leaders possess and shared tips on how to improve on them to succeed in personal & professional life.

Also received excellent advice from Fariha on overcoming fears and biases; the best part was that I could openly share my vulnerabilities without fearing repercussions.


Prior details on what to expect from the session would make it even more fruitful.

Follow-up sessions would be great for tracking progress in the identified areas.

Senior Manager/High Potential working for a large conglomerate
Testemonail VP, HR.

I have known Fariha for over ten years. We worked together at GSK – Fariha is non-judgmental, intelligent, caring, and passionate about her craft.  

I had been thinking of getting a coach for a long time but was unsure if it would help me. A Coach who could help me to navigate through my career aspiration & also accelerate the leadership energy to achieve that. 

Working with her exceeded my expectations by far, as she has been able to guide me wholistically on my career journey and its relationship with the leading energy needed for sustainable performance and personal growth.  

Her coaching also helped me orient and organize my thoughts around self-determination and acceptance of others’ uniqueness and well-being. 

I’m thankful to Fariha for her impact on my career.



As a high-energy and personable speaker, I combine my passion for motivating individuals with a warm and approachable demeanor.

As a keynote speaker, my goal is to use my story, coupled with my authentic and relatable approach to make sure your audience leaves your event feeling motivated and empowered.

I speak on the following topics.


Personal effectiveness & well being


Women in Leadership


Transforming Energy & Image


Future Work Leader


Leadership Impact


Employee Value Proposition


Managing self for students

Certifications & recognitions
Certifications and recognitions as a personal branding expert: iPEC
Certifications and recognitions as a personal branding expert: London Image Institute
Certifications and recognitions as a personal branding expert: Reiki



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